The VLT device is fitted in the vehicle along with emergency button. The VLT device is configured with government server IP's after the customer purchase of vehicle & RTO validation through dealer. Soon the device is registered, the VLT device would transmit data to the backend server as per standard AIS140 protocol. The device supports SMS fallback for emergency and other alerts.
Apart from providing standard AIS140 features Accolade Electronics aims to provide extended features for customers as well as dealers through web portal & mobile application.

1. Real time vehicle location tracking.

2. Device activity such as ignition, mains status and vehicle health monitoring.

3. Daily, monthly and yearly reports for vehicle diagnosis and repair..

4. Emergency alert SMS in case of panic situation directly to the user’s mobile number.

5. Vehicle trip start and stop based on ignition status.

6. Playback mode for past alerts, location and tracking.

7. Battery life of more than 5 hours if mains battery disconnected.

The system also features CAN gateway functionality to charge electric vehicles using two CAN ports based on ignition status.