HPS Energy Conservation Solution

PHASE SELECTOR' is the protection Unit developed to provide automatic switching between the R-,Y-,B- phases for providing one of the live phase to the output.

Equipments which require continuous / uninterrupted power to maintain their data are highly benefited with HPS. Auto Phase Selector introduces an automatic solution to overcome power fluctuation / phase interruption by selecting next most healthy available phase to feed the equipment.

LVD Controller (low voltage detection)

The Series are voltage detector ICs with high detector threshold accuracy and ultra-low supply current

By CMOS process. This can be operated at an extremely low voltage and is used.

ESU (Engine Safety Unit) for Telecom DG Set.

Leading manufacturer and supplier of qualitative range of Engine Safety Units. Comprises of Display Unit and Genset Control Units specially designed to monitor/find out faults in generator operation on continual mode.

DC / AC Energy Meter with Data logger

Unit measures & displays energy consumed/generated by four BTS users. Stores data for about 60 days of each user. Voltage, Current, KWH of each channel can be observed by using switches provided on front panel.

Multiplexer Card

Specially designed cards for telecom tower users. Used mainly to monitor & detect the faults on BTS stations. Faults monitored creating an alarm signals are conveyed to user. Available in 4/6/8 Channels.