Success Stories

Janak (Midmark - USA)

Medical Applications ( Hospital Bed Control System)

  • Started Giving Service for Maintenance in 2006

  • Developed 1st Generation System in 2007

  • Supplied : 7500 Nos.

  • Developed 2nd Generation System 2009

  • Supplied :9000 Nos.

  • Developed 3rd Generation System 2011

  • Supplied : 12000 Nos.

  • Presented Janak Product in Word Largest Exhibition MEDICA in Germany.

  • Janak got lead from Midmark USA and now Janak is 100% subsidiary of Midmark USA

  • 4th Generation System under Development

  • Total No. of Product in each generation is around 13 Nos.

  • Total Product Supplied : 28500 Nos.

NCR Corporation USA

Remote monitoring System - for ATM Room

  • REMOTE monitoring and managing of the ATM room and control through continuous network access with the help ATM Manager, to monitor, measure, set and control of different parameters of ATM room like the wrong temperature setting, mains supply, light control and ACs failure.

  • Server side software solutions embedded with hardware which gives a "Real time" data of the ATM room through GPRS connectivity .

  • It helps to reporting of critical Problems minimizes the failure of ATM sites and reduces operation and maintenance cost, increases asset life & overall performance of the sites.


  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • Reduces Risk of Downtime

  • Improved Availability

  • Remote ON/OFF Capability

  • Asset Management Program

  • Asset Location via GPS/GPRS

  • Theft Detection and Recover


Embedded solutions for Telecom Application

  • 4 Channel DC Energy Monitoring System with Data Logger with USB Host Interface
    Total Supplied Qty 20,000 Nos.

  • 4 Channel DC Energy Monitoring System with Data Logger & DC CT
    Total Supplied Qty 5,000 Nos.

  • Free cooling Unit Energy Conservation Solution
    Total Supplied Qty 5000 Nos.

  • Temperature controller base fan controller with fan failure detection Controller.
    Total Supplied Qty 10,000 Nos.

Reliance Communication

Embedded Solutions for Telecom Application

  • HPS Energy Conservation Solution for Telecom Sites
    Total Supplied : 1500 Nos.

  • LVD Controller (Low Voltage Detection) for Telecom Site
    Total Supplied : 2000 Nos.

  • ESU (Engine Safety Unit) for Telecom DG Set
    Total Supplied : 4000 Nos.

  • DC Energy Meter with Data Logger with USB Host Interface
    Total Supplied : 20,000 Nos.

  • Free Cooling Unit (Energy Conservation Solution)
    Total Supplied : 500 Nos.

  • Servo Stabilizer Air Cooled and Oil Cooled. Power rating 7.5 KW to 30 KW
    Total Supplied : 7000 Nos.

Reliance Jio

Embedded Solutions for Telecom Application

  • 3 Phase 4 Channel AC Energy Measurement and Monitoring System. A unique Solution Developed First Time in India with Measurement Class 0.5
    Total Supplied : 40,000 Nos.

  • Battery Back Up SMPS Power Source Under Testing

  • Solar Based Aviation Lamp Under Testing

  • Surge Protecting Device For Power line
    Total Supplied : 25000 Nos.

  • Surge Protecting Device for Communication Line
    Total Supplied : 5000 Nos.

  • Cable Drop Solution for BTS
    Total Supplied : 1000 Nos.

HPCL & BPCL - Fuel Disposing Application

Embedded Solutions for Fuel Dispensing – Automation

  • Moving message display with POSS interface for product density
    Total Supplied Qty 4700 Nos.

  • Static Message display with FCC interface for product density
    Total Supplied Qty 9000 Nos.

  • Multi color Pile on display for fuel dispensing center for different product rates
    Total Supplied Qty 1000 Nos.

Tata Motors

1. DC DC Converter for ECU

  • DVP Completed in ARAI

  • Green Card from Tata Motors

  • Import substitute product

  • USP

    - CISPER 25 Tested & Approved

    - Very Low Quiescent Current- 0.4mA, Where as import product Stand for 150mA

    - Withstand for IP 65 where as Existing Product Stands only IP55. Wide Operating Temperature Range -40 to 85 dig c.

  • 2. Inverter for Defense Ambulance -
        Total Supplied Qty 2500 Nos.

Adande U.K.

Industrial Refrigeration Application

  • Customized Controller Design for Patented Refrigerator Adande U.K.

  • CE Certified in UK Lab

  • No. of Units Exported 4500 Nos.

  • Advantages to Customer